Shut out the world and lose yourself in your music—or let the world in.

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Our best two-speaker system

Better technology. It’s the key to a better home entertainment experience. Like the one you’ll get from the Lifestyle® SoundTouch® 235 entertainment system. The compact speakers deliver home cinema sound that’s bigger than the picture, while the proprietary Acoustimass® module provides impactful bass. It’s also a powerful music system, letting you easily enjoy wireless music when connected to your existing home Wi-Fi® network.

  • Wirelessly play music services like Spotify and Deezer, Internet radio stations and your stored music library
  • Hideaway control console ensures all your components work easily as a single system
  • Guided setup and simplified use with easy-to-follow onscreen messages
  • Easily connect and control up to 6 HD video/music sources; video upscaling to 1080p

Deep, enveloping sound

Sleek and powerful, Gemstone ES speakers deliver clear advancements in audio performance. Three drivers in each speaker combine with TrueSpace® digital processing to deliver an expansive soundstage much wider than the space between the speakers themselves. And the Acoustimass module anchors the performance with deep, powerful lows. The end result? Movies and games give you the emotional intensity you’d expect from a 5-speaker system. And your music shines through with lifelike, stunning detail.


Exploring music with SoundTouch®

With SoundTouch®, you can discover and enjoy music more effortlessly than ever before. Wirelessly stream millions of songs through Spotify and Deezer, as well as Internet radio stations and your own music library. A powerful app lets you control your music from anywhere in the house with your phone or tablet. And six easily programmable presets let you play your favourite music from the app or the included universal RF remote.

The Lifestyle® SoundTouch® 235 system is also part of an entire family of wireless products. They all work together to play the same music in every room, or different music in different rooms.


Easy to set up

Unify® technology lets you easily connect and control up to 6 HD and music sources, such as a Blu-ray Disc™ player or cable box. And the four HDMI™ inputs on the control console ensure high-quality multichannel audio from these sources—usually delivering more natural dynamic range and low-frequency effects than the audio signal direct from your TV.


Easy to use

Unify® technology also simplifies programming your Bose® universal RF remote to control your Lifestyle® system and most anything attached to it. During setup, the Unify® system identifies each connected component and automatically teaches the Bose® remote to control it. It even works when you hide the console or components away behind the doors of your entertainment center. Plus, you’ll view system information on the Bose® remote’s LCD screen.


More features

  • 3D video compatibility enables your system to automatically display 3D video when connected to the appropriate 3D source(s) and a 3D TV.
  • Automatic video upscaling delivers resolution up to 1080p over HDMI.
  • Built-in AM/FM radio





Control console

Height: 7.62 cm
Width: 42.16 cm
Depth: 23.62 cm
Weight: 3.40 kg

Gemstone® speakers

Height: 6.40 cm
Width: 14.10 cm
Depth: 10.50 cm
Weight: 0.40 kg

Acoustimass® module

Height: 33.30 cm
Width: 20.60 cm
Depth: 54.90 cm
Weight: 11.90 kg

Remote control

Height: 23.80 cm
Width: 5.60 cm
Depth: 2.80 cm
Weight: 0.19 kg

SoundTouch® wireless adapter

Height: 5.00 cm
Width: 23.90 cm
Depth: 6.40 cm
Weight: 0.34 kg

Additional details

  • Power supply: Dual voltage 100-240

In the box

Included items

  • Control console
  • Acoustimass® module
  • ADAPTiQ® audio calibration headset
  • Remote control
  • 2 Gemstone® ES speaker arrays
  • Speaker cables
  • Acoustimass® module power cord
  • HDMI® cable
  • Power supply
  • AC power cord
  • Audio input cable
  • 4 AA batteries for remote
  • IR emitter cable
  • Stereo audio cable
  • AM antenna
  • FM antenna
  • Rubber feet for Acoustimass® module
  • Rubber feet for speakers
  • Operating guide
  • USB flash drive (for system updating only)



Console rear panel

  • 3 HDMI® inputs
  • 2 high-definition component A/V inputs
  • 1 USB input

Console front panel

  • 1 HDMI input
  • 1 analog A/V input
  • 1 USB input
  • 1 headphone jack

SoundTouch® wireless adapter

  • AC power
  • Ethernet port
  • USB input


Do I need a separate receiver with this system?
No. The system includes a control console with abundant inputs/outputs and an FM/AM tuner.

Does the system support high-definition audio found on Blu-ray media?
Yes, this system can decode both Dolby TrueHD and uncompressed multi-channel PCM.

What sources can I connect to my system?
You can connect a variety of HD video and music sources, such as a 3D Blu-ray Disc™ player, DVD player, cable box, gaming console, Apple TV and many more. If the device has HDMI® or analog connectors, this system can integrate it to give you a great audio-visual experience. The system is designed to be flexible—with 6 HD inputs and a remote code database that can be updated—so you can connect most any source you want, now and in the future.

Is this system compatible with 3D Blu-ray Disc players?
Yes, this Lifestyle® system has full 3D compatibility to ensure you see content as intended with your 3D TV and connected sources.

How does the optional SoundTouch™ wireless adapter work?
The adapter lets you stream your favourite music, such as Internet radio and your music library, using your home Wi-Fi® network.

Additional information

Weight 17 kg



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