An excellent pair of headphones makes a great companion. Whether it’s listening to a podcast on your daily commute, soundtracking a city excursion with your favourite album, ticking things off your watchlist on a long plane journey, or just enjoying some downtime at home, the right headphones can bring hours of entertainment and musical discovery to your everyday life.

The big question is, which headphones are right for you? Depending on your lifestyle, you’ll want a headphone model that can accommodate your needs. So, ask yourself: what will my new headphones be used for, and where will I use them most? Luckily for you, at Bowers & Wilkins, we’re experts when it comes to high-performance audio, and we have the ideal headphone for you.

The Px8 over-ear wireless headphones are our flagship model. They’re the most advanced headphones we’ve ever made and feature our most cutting-edge drive unit and noise-cancelling technologies, finished in the finest premium materials. Our Pi7 S2 True Wireless earbuds, on the other hand, include many of these fantastic features on a smaller scale, wrapped up in a powerful, compact in-ear headphone design. Px8 and Pi7 S2 are certainly the go-tos for anyone who’s passionate about great-sounding music, but if you’re looking for great sound at a lower price point, we’d highly recommend our Px7 S2e and Pi5 S2 alternatives.

Bowers & Wilkins headphones are compatible with a range of Bluetooth codecs for the best quality in wireless streaming. Our in-ear True Wireless Pi5 S2 earbuds offer you the use of aptX™, AAC and SBC codecs, while our Px8 and Px7 S2e headphones plus our Pi7 S2 earbuds expand on this, providing you with the options of aptX™ Adaptive and aptX HD as well as AAC and SBC.


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