We are living in an incredible age where you can equip your home or business with tools to make your life easier and convenient. At SKR, we are proud to offer the solutions and products that can make your home automation needs come to life. This is why we stock the product line, Crestron. This is a brand that helps us maintain that control in our lives, both at home, at school, in our retail businesses and in the office.The brand offers solutions that will help you stay on top of everything. Monitor, manage and control everything from the lighting to the ventilation in your building, reducing wastage and freeing up your time to focus on your work. Add blinds, room reservations and more to your control system, and enjoy seamless, effective management on the go.Everything is controllable with a simple touch of a button from music to heating and home security. The systems are able to help you start your days and end them with the perfect ambience, function and reliability. What’s more is that Crestron can be controlled from anywhere, thanks to their innovative smartphone and tablet app. The system can also be tailored to fit your on the go lifestyle, installing in cars, jets, boats and more. Stay connected with an office on wheels, water or wings from Crestron.Open up the opportunities available to you with a quality engineered product line.

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