For over half a century, Marantz has been a name synonymous with the best in home entertainment. Today, in a marketplace exploding with new and often confusing technology, there’s still elements of what originally drove Saul Marantz to become the aficionados choice of sensory delight.

Marantz understand that while most people ‘like’ music, some are truly passionate about it. They recognise the need to reproduce audio tracks in exactly the way it was intended, and have developed some groundbreaking technology on the basis of keeping music true. From delivering the passion and precision of a live classical performance, to recreating the agony and ecstacy of a film, Marantz have made it their mission to being better sounds to every listener.

And it’s not just about the noise either. As well as producing world class audio, Marantz delight in being able to make their products look and feel just as good as they sound. Whether you’re looking for an amazing amplifier, a discerning disc player or a stunning system, we’ve picked the best of the best, just for you.

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