Founded in the 1950s by Joel Spira, Lutron was born from a love of the aesthetic value of light. Back then, dimmable lighting was little more than a pipe dream, as it involved bulky rheostats that consumed a great deal of power. However, Spira’s determination to bring dimmable lighting to the masses resulted in a consumer level model finally being developed, and Lutron became the world leader in lighting control for homes and businesses.

The lighting control products from Lutron include individual dimmers through to full building management systems, controlling and operating lighting in entire building complexes. Lutron already controls the lighting in some of the world’s most iconic buildings and monuments, from the Statue of Liberty and the Guggenheim Museum to the New York Times Building and the Bank of China Headquarters in Beijing.

For residential applications, light controls can be used anywhere, from a one room apartment to an expansive mansion home. Imagine being able to change the atmosphere of your home from cold to cosy at the push of a button, or to illuminate your home as your approach in your vehicle. Lutron’s solutions are compatible with smartphones, tablets, iPods and even universal remote controls, and can even be expanded to incorporate HVAC, audio visual and more.

Use lighting to a greater effect, extend the lifespan of your lamps and reduce your energy bills too. Talk to SKR Communication about Lutron for your home or business, and see why this company is the number one choice of lighting automation systems in the world.

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