Germany is well known for precision engineering, and Beyerdynamic is no exception. When electrical engineer Eugen Beyer launched his business in 1924 building cinema speakers, something magical happened. This visionary, pioneering leader was not satisfied with delivering products that customers liked; he wanted to create something they would love.

For over 90 years, his vision has laid the foundations for the growth of the company, helping it become a world leading manufacturer of microphones, headphones and conference systems. Even to this day, the heirs of the company are still inspired, motivated and effortlessly steered by the vision and dedication of their founder.

Today, the name Beyerdynamic is synonymous with excellence, and is borne by an ever growing portfolio of products. From in ear headphones and home hi-fi technology to ground-breakingperformance audio and high tech video conferencing, you can count on Beyerdynamic to deliver the best at every stage.

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